KineMaster, the publicly-traded global editing app with 40M+ monthly active users

Written by
Team crackerJCK
Posted on
January 4, 2023

At a Glance

KineMaster is a publicly-traded global video editing mobile application (KOSDAQ: 139670) with downloads estimated to be over 350M. As of May 2022, the company reported 42 million monthly active users. A heavy-hitter in the video production space, KineMaster sought to continue their growth globally, particularly focused on the North American market.

The Problem

Traditional marketing solutions left many users uninformed of the powerhouse editing app that is KineMaster. As TikTok and other video-production applications continued to rise in popularity in the North American market, a boots-on-the-ground team in North America became increasingly important to develop and execute strategy for Western regions.

The Solution

With a pain-point of capacity and lack of localized talent, KineMaster worked with crackerJCK to develop a paid ads strategy primarily focused on Apple Search Ad and Google Universal App Campaign networks in order to drive volume of downloads in preparation of a renewed product launch.

crackerJCK worked closely with the KineMaster team to develop campaigns with target keywords at the forefront, including in foreign languages across 12 countries, primarily focused in the Western hemisphere but ultimately across the globe.

The Results

By the end of our engagement, crackerJCK had improved cost results through a 77% decrease in overall cost per install along with achieving a 37% average conversion rate and successfully launching ads in 12+ countries, including the commonly-restricted ad market of China.