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Meet the founders

Alana Wong

Kyle Evanko

With 18+ years combined experience in digital marketing, Alana and Kyle merged their marketing agencies in 2020, rebranding as crackerJCK.

Prior to starting her own agency, Alana worked in-house at Facebook on business growth solutions, helping small and medium businesses harness the power of digital media.

Prior to launching his agency, Kyle served as CMO for Buzzmusiq until an acquisition by NAVER Korea. He also helped launch ByteDance North America, joining in 2017 as the 10th US team member to lead social strategy for TikTok.

Meet our Account Leads

With 3+ years of experience, Gui has worked as a digital media buyer across several industries. He has the most experience in eCommerce, online education, and local business verticals.

Gui currently lives in southern Brazil, and he’s a big proponent of screen time balance. He loves to unwind by surfing, playing tennis, and camping with his two pups.

Prior to joining crackerJCK, Justin worked at various marketing agencies as a media buyer and conversion rate optimization specialist where he managed ads for various e-commerce and SaaS companies. He is now crackerJCK's Sr. Account Lead.

In his free time you can catch Justin longboarding and surfing in Venice Beach, or rock climbing somewhere in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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