MrBeast’s product line of chocolates, launched in early 2022

Written by
Team crackerJCK
Posted on
December 21, 2022

At a Glance

crackerJCK partnered with Feastable's creative agency to launch MrBeasts' new product line of chocolates across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, YouTube, Reddit and Snapchat.

The Problem

As a brand new product, Feastables had no history of performance marketing. The creative was primarily long-form and best suited for YouTube where the majority of MrBeast fans engage with his content. However, this channel was not a primary revenue driver. Feastables also wanted to expand beyond their existing customer base to appeal to a new audience (ex: parents with children).

The Solution

crackerJCK deployed large-scale A/B testing to understand top prospecting and converting social channels. Campaigns were then strategically set up with a mix of short- and long-form content displayed across the funnel of low and high intent users. The goal of this set up was to drive users to content they would find most engaging in advance of specialty bundles and seasonal product offerings to maximize purchases.

Due to regular sweepstakes, promotions, and specials that reduced overall returns, we also focused delivery on highest converting and highest average order value products to mitigate reduced returns as a result of the sweepstakes.

The Results

Over our 10-month advertising period, Feastables generated 8-figures in sales. We also served +1B impressions across their 3 seasonal launches for 14 different product offerings. (Feastables took advertising in-house in 2023.)