Guiding Principles

Updated on: 
May 15, 2021

Our Guiding Principles reflect our company’s values and serve as a guide for crackerJCK all circumstances, regardless of changes in our goals, strategies or type of work. 

  • 💼 crackerJCK utilizes industry-leading talent to develop clear, manageable, actionable, responsible and ethical strategies that are built from a proven framework.

  • ⭐️ crackerJCK is a group of expert-vetted, highly-curated problem-solvers who are solution-oriented & purpose-driven. All crackerJCK members must follow our Ethical Code of Conduct. This is a non-negotiable.

  • 🗑 crackerJCK minimizes waste in all forms. We ensure minimal operating overhead by hiring remote, top-talent & we employ highly-optimized ad bidding strategies that save our clients’ budget.

  • ✅ crackerJCK provides a consistent, quality-controlled experience for all of our clients. Every strategy is custom-built, and our process has been developed through tried and true methods that have helped 400+ of our clients. crackerJCK founders personally review and approve all strategy and deliverables.

  • ♻️ crackerJCK is a carbon-neutral (and net-negative) company –– meaning we offset all travel and other environmental impacts of our members & employees, including impact from our personal lives.

  • 🔍 crackerJCK operates as an extension of your marketing team in the sense that we offer full accessibility to your data, to our strategy, to our expertise, and to all assets produced.