Ethical Code of Conduct

Updated on: 
May 15, 2021

Budget recommendations

  • crackerJCK will never recommend spending more than what is effective on paid advertising. With a few exceptions for larger projects, crackerJCK does not bill by percentage of media spend. When we do, it's between 10 - 15%.

Prioritizing client success above all else

  • crackerJCK aims to be a long-term partner with all of our clients. We understand that sometimes the best way to help is by taking a step back. If at any point, we feel that it is the best recommendation to pause our services, we will not hesitate to make that recommendation.

Rejecting the “fast fashion” approach

  • crackerJCK focuses on long-term brand growth as opposed to the “fast fashion” (FF) approach of today’s media agencies. The FF approach uses clickbait, overpromises, misleads customers, and almost always results in an inevitable “results crash.”

Cofounder approval on everything

  • crackerJCK founders personally review and approve all strategy and deliverables. Nothing leaves the agency without industry-leading sign-off, and we will never pass the reins to a less-than-qualified team member.

Ownership of data

  • crackerJCK’s clients will always own their data. That means our clients own the ad account, the business manager, all the assets, deliverables, and everything in between.