Account Lead – Job Description

Updated on: 
June 29, 2021

Account Lead – At crackerJCK, our account leads are responsible for full client management and marketing service fulfillment. Leads are the direct point of contact with our clients and are trained to both develop and execute strategy, with the guidance of cofounders. Remote role, indefinitely.


– Directly create, manage, & optimize paid media ads on Social Media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit and LinkedIn

– Directly create, manage, & optimize paid media ads on Google marketing channels, including search and YouTube.

– Develop paid media marketing strategy for new campaigns, both for existing and new clients.

– Provide updates & directly interface with clients, co-owning the relationship along with cofounders. Updates include high-level, bulleted overviews via weekly emails / Slack, as well as more detailed reporting structures on Google Sheets. (See email and sheet reporting examples here)

– Utilize tools to complete miscellaneous tasks, such as Figma to overlay a client logo, or Unsplash to source marketing material

**Cofounders will provide training to all new leads, regardless of experience level.**


– Has worked in agency space before / understands model of multi-client relationships

– Good client management rapport – including proactively anticipating client needs and questions, and doing what’s needed to address them in advance

– Critical and proactive thinker

– Experience managing paid ads, or willingness and desire to learn

– Has good availability and flexibility to schedule. At crackerJCK, we’re not 9 – 5, but availability within those hours is key.


crackerJCK is looking to hire a contractor at approximately ≈ 20 hours per week.

Schedule can be flexible. We prefer M - Th, approx 5 hours per day.

Compensation for role: $5,000 / month (contractor, remote indefinitely)

**Above all else, we prioritize working with individuals who align with our values and beliefs. Please take a moment to review our Guiding Principles and Ethical Code of Conduct.** 

Interested? Email us a bit about yourself to [email protected], or ping one of our cofounders if you've already connected with them